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About Us

Welcome to a journey where top-notch medicine, personalized care, and first-class expertise come together!

Beginning: The founding of Pharmy AG

Our journey began in 2020 with the founding of Pharmy AG by Melisa Softa. Our aim was to create a reliable connection between pharmacies and qualified pharmacists in Switzerland. This step marked the beginning of our mission to unite top-notch medicine with personalized care and first-class expertise.

In light of our vision and continuous growth, we have launched Horizon SwissCare, a specialized subsidiary of Pharmy AG. Horizon SwissCare is dedicated to medical tourism and expands our services to include aesthetic surgery and dental treatments. We offer a tailored experience, focusing on the individual needs of our patients. Our team of specialist doctors, globally recognized for their expertise, combines years of experience with an unwavering passion for patient well-being.

Today: The expansion with Horizon SwissCare

The future: visions and goals

In the future, we aim to further expand our role as a leading provider in the field of aesthetic surgery and dentistry. We want to continue raising the standard for excellent medical care and patient support. Horizon SwissCare will keep driving innovation and offering services that not only meet current needs but also anticipate future developments in healthcare.

Our journey is more than just a story about medical care; it's a journey to exceptional medical attention aimed at exceeding our patients' expectations. We are proud to be your partner on this groundbreaking path to optimal health and well-being.

Beyond Medicine: A Path to Excellence

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