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  • Is the procedure safe?
    Yes, all of our medical procedures are conducted according to internationally recognized standards and guidelines. Our medical teams are highly qualified and have extensive experience in their fields. We utilize state-of-the-art technologies and equipment to ensure the safety and effectiveness of treatments. However, it is important to emphasize that as with any medical procedure, individual risks may exist. We recommend that you receive comprehensive guidance from our experts to understand all aspects of the chosen procedure.
  • What are the possible risks and side effects?
    Every medical procedure has specific risks and side effects. The exact risks depend on the type of procedure, the patient's health condition, and other individual factors. Although we adhere to the highest safety standards, side effects can never be completely ruled out. During the consultation, our specialists will provide detailed information about the potential risks and side effects of the desired procedure, allowing you to make an informed decision.
  • How often do complications occur?
    Complications are rare and depend on the specific treatment and the individual circumstances of the patient. Our facility adheres to strict quality and safety standards, which helps to minimize the risk of complications. Historical data shows that our complication rates are well below international averages. During your consultation, our doctors will provide you with more detailed information about the statistical rates for the procedure you have chosen.
  • How is the procedure carried out?
    The procedure is performed by our highly qualified doctors using state-of-the-art medical techniques and equipment. The exact process of the procedure depends on the type of procedure and your individual situation. Before the procedure, you will receive comprehensive consultation where all your questions will be answered.
  • How long does the procedure take?
    The duration of the procedure can vary and depends on the specific procedure and the individual circumstances of the patient. Typically, you will receive an estimate of the expected duration in advance. It is our goal to ensure that all procedures are performed as efficiently as possible and with the highest precision.
  • Do I need anesthesia? If yes, which?
    Yes, depending on the type and extent of the procedure, anesthesia may be required. This can include local anesthesia, regional anesthesia, or general anesthesia. Our anesthesiologists will provide you with detailed information beforehand regarding the most suitable form of anesthesia and discuss all the risks and benefits with you.
  • How long is the recovery time?
    The recovery time varies depending on the type of procedure and your individual health. In general, we provide an estimated recovery time based on averages and experiences. A more precise time estimation will be provided during your consultation.
  • What can I expect during the recovery process?
    During the recovery phase, you may experience mild discomfort or swelling that will subside over time. It is important to carefully follow your doctor's instructions and attend any follow-up appointments as needed. Our medical teams will provide you with advice and recommendations to optimize the healing process and ensure that your recovery is as comfortable and efficient as possible.
  • How much time do I need to take off from work?
    The required time off from work depends on the type of procedure and your professional activities. For some procedures, patients may be able to return to work after just a few days, while others might require several weeks of recovery time. We will provide you with comprehensive information so that you can make appropriate arrangements in your professional environment.
  • How much will the procedure cost?
    The cost of the procedure can vary depending on the type of procedure, the extent of treatment, and additional individual factors. We will provide you with a detailed cost breakdown once we have a precise understanding of your medical requirements and preferences.
  • Are post-operative care and follow-up examinations included in the costs?
    Typically, our price quotes include all costs for the procedure, including pre-operative assessments, the procedure itself, and immediate post-operative care. Specific details, such as follow-up examinations, may vary and will be clarified in advance. We prioritize transparency in the cost structure.
  • Are there financing options available?
    We are aware that medical treatments can sometimes incur significant costs. That's why we offer various financing options and flexible payment plans to accommodate your needs. During a consultation, we will be happy to provide you with detailed information about all the available options.
  • Are you certified in your medical specialty?
    Yes, our clinic and medical staff are certified in various medical fields. We strictly adhere to internationally recognized standards and guidelines. Our doctors and medical professionals have specialized training and certifications that demonstrate their comprehensive expertise and professionalism in their respective fields.
  • How often have you performed this procedure?
    Our doctors have years of experience and have performed this procedure numerous times with outstanding results. This extensive expertise ensures that we can provide the highest precision and safety in every procedure. The well-being and safety of our patients always come first for us.
  • Can I see "before and after" pictures?
    Yes, before-and-after photos can be provided upon request. We have helped many patients achieve positive transformations and are happy to share these success stories with you. Please keep in mind that for privacy reasons, all photos are shown with the explicit consent of the patients, and identities are anonymized to protect privacy.
  • When can I expect to see initial results, and how long will they last?
    The time it takes to see initial results depends on the specific procedure. In many cases, patients may notice initial changes shortly after the procedure, while in other treatments, it may take several weeks or months. The longevity of results also varies depending on the treatment. Some procedures offer results that last for several years, while others may require regular touch-ups. Our medical team will provide you with detailed information about the expected healing process and the durability of the results during the consultation.
  • What expectations should I have regarding scarring and overall results?
    Scar formation depends on the type of procedure, the surgeon's technique, and your individual healing ability. We prioritize minimizing scarring and employ advanced techniques to achieve this goal. Additionally, we offer post-operative consultations and recommend specific products like silicone gels and patches to support the appearance and healing of scars. Hydrating creams and sunscreen are also important for caring for and protecting the skin during the healing phase. Most patients find that scars fade and become less noticeable over time. General results are individual and depend on many factors, but our goal is always to set and meet realistic expectations.
  • How fast can I book the procedure?
    The availability for the procedure depends on several factors, including the desired timing, the specific procedure, and the availability of our medical team. In most cases, we can schedule procedures within a few weeks after the initial consultation. We recommend contacting us as early as possible to secure your desired appointment.
  • Do I need someone to drive me home afterwards?
    Yes, depending on the type of procedure and the anesthesia used, we recommend that you have a companion to safely take you home after the procedure. This ensures that you receive the necessary support and care following the procedure. However, if desired, we can also arrange transportation for you and ensure that you are comfortably and safely taken to your accommodation or home.
  • Can I combine this procedure with others in a single session?
    In some cases, it is possible to combine multiple procedures in one session to minimize the recovery time and maximize the overall success of the treatment. However, the combination of procedures depends on your overall health, the type of procedures you desire, and the recommendations of our medical team. During your consultation, we can provide specific recommendations based on your individual needs and goals.
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