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Butt lift

Over time, factors such as aging, pregnancy, or significant weight loss can alter the shape of the buttock muscles, often leading to a "square" appearance. This is characterized by a lack of volume in the upper buttock area and an excess in the lower part. To restore the buttocks to their original position and reshape this body area, a procedure called Gluteoplasty is performed, specifically focusing on "Gluteal ptosis" or sagging buttocks.


Good to know

"The traditional buttock lift removes excess fat and skin through an elliptical incision, and the surgeon may also tighten underlying muscles to achieve a smoother, lifted contour."
"Results are often noticeable immediately after the surgery, but the final appearance develops over the course of months, with full maturation of incision lines taking up to two years."
"The recovery phase involves light activities in the first few weeks after the operation, with normal activities typically resuming within two to four weeks."

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