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Arm lifting

Brachioplasty, also known as an arm lift, is a surgical procedure aimed at removing excess skin from the upper arms. This surgery tightens and shapes the arms, thereby restoring their youthful contour. Flaccidity, the loss of skin firmness, often occurs due to the diminishing strength of the supporting tissue, collagen, and elastin. Aging is a common cause, as the proteins that keep the skin firm and attached to the muscles lose effectiveness over time. Other factors include obesity, pregnancy, sudden weight loss, weight fluctuations, a diet low in protein, excessive intake of carbohydrates and flour, a sedentary lifestyle, and excessive sun exposure.


Good to know

"Arm lifts vary in technique, from minimally invasive liposculpture to more extensive incisions, depending on the degree of skin sagging and fat accumulation."
"Recovery after an arm lift includes wearing a compression garment for two months and a gradual return to normal and strenuous activities within a month."
"Although scars from an arm lift are permanent, they become flatter, lighter, and less noticeable over time."

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