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Welcome to Horizon SwissCare, the center of excellence in medical care and innovation.

Young slim black woman in white bikini with abstract lines gets injection from beautician
Quality, savings and culture!

Immerse yourself in the world of aesthetic surgery with our international specialists. We offer first-class aesthetic treatments at attractive prices and the opportunity to enhance your beauty while experiencing new cultures and adventures. Welcome to the world of affordable and high-quality aesthetic surgery abroad!

Accreditation and excellence

The İrmet Hospital is the largest private hospital in the Trakya region and is proud to be accredited by the international accreditation organization AACI. It has also been recognized as a 'Center of Excellence' by the independent SRC Commission, confirming its high standards in healthcare.

A young woman in the hospital corridor
Plastic surgery
Health tourism and mission

The İrmet Hospital started with health tourism in 2012 and has since treated thousands of international patients. It is particularly renowned for its services in the fields of obesity and plastic surgery, making it one of the preferred facilities in Europe. The hospital's mission is to offer comprehensive quality healthcare within ethical values, considering both patient and employee satisfaction.

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